German AutoVerks

Forrest, the owner of Autoverks, is a good friend of mine. He approached me with the idea of starting his own business, and wanted me to get him online and do all of his branding. We started with a logo that incorporates a silhouette of a Porsche and some Euro-looking text. We created some business cards and flyers to hand out. We got a sign of the logo displayed on the outside of the shop and then started on the website. This is a brochure-style website which has information about what types of services they do, where to find them, and ways to contact Forrest to set up appointments or to just get a quote. A simple website with a simple SEO strategy has worked out well for this business. Autoverks dominates Google in the specific keywords that we were targeting.

What They're Saying About Us

When I started my business I wanted to make sure I was online and had a logo that was simple, yet showed what we are all about. Tim was, able to get my website up and running quickly and I still (after 2.5 years of business) get compliments on my logo. My website is easy to navigate and is mobile, so anyone/anywhere can access my business info and scheduling. If there are any changes or problems, Tim is always prompt and professional. I have and would again highly recommend Duddy Web Design. 

Shelly Hopple, Revive Skin Services

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