Search Engine Optimization

Having a pretty web site means nothing if no one can find it. When a person needs a product or service they go straight to the search engine. If all of your competitors are listed above you they have a better chance of getting the business. Even worse if your not on the first page you might not be seen at all. Less than 10% of people bother looking on page two of Google’s search engine results.

There are numerous factors that go into getting a better position on Google, but there are no guarantees. It’s about giving yourself the best chance to do well and monitoring how you are doing and making the changes accordingly.

All of our sites come standard optimized for search engines. We make sure that all of our web sites are error free and compliant. Setting up Google Web Master Tools and Analytics to make sure that Google’s search bots are crawling the site without errors and have the correct and current sitemap.

The Process


Designing a web site starts with a conversation. We will discuss how you want your business to be represented online, who you are trying to reach, and how we plan to reach them.


Next, I take the information we discussed and design up a web site to your specifications. Any graphics that were discussed including logos are designed at this point as well.


Once we are in agreement that the site looks good, we create a WordPress theme from the design files. After the theme is complete we get the content organized and in place on the site.


Now that the site is in a completed, functional state, we launch. This means transfering the domain specifications to the location the site is hosted and having it be accessible to the public.

Like What You See?

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What They're Saying About Us

When I started my business I wanted to make sure I was online and had a logo that was simple, yet showed what we are all about. Tim was, able to get my website up and running quickly and I still (after 2.5 years of business) get compliments on my logo. My website is easy to navigate and is mobile, so anyone/anywhere can access my business info and scheduling. If there are any changes or problems, Tim is always prompt and professional. I have and would again highly recommend Duddy Web Design. 

Shelly Hopple, Revive Skin Services

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